Sussex Piscatorial Society

The Sussex Piscatorial Society is the premier fishing Society in the South of England. Formed in 1891, it is also one of the oldest fishing societies in continued existence in the world.Starton

The Society currently has a combined total of 71 acres of lakes and approximately 21.5 miles of rivers to fish all in stunning settings and offering uncrowded fishing for those discerning fishermen who value conservation, care of the environment and respect for their fellow fishermen and their quarry.

The Sussex Piscatorial Society is a friendly community of like-minded, dedicated fishers, all of whom respect the natural beauty and the flora and fauna of the locations where we are Rhodenronprivileged to fish. We also respect our quarry – aiming to release fish quickly and return them safely. The Society manages its waters with a dedicated team of Water Keepers but does require members to assist on occasional work parties. All able bodied members join us with the understanding that they will take part in at least one voluntary work party per year to help keep our waters open and fishable.

Finally the Society offers support to those who need help with BBQ_Raffle1_780_Sizetheir fishing! Plus, the Coarse Section arranges an instructional Children’s Day and the Trout Section hold regular casting clinics over the summer, given by Society Members who are also qualified Game Angling Instructors.

The Society also holds an annual Summer BBQ and a Winter Social evening.



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